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Represents a column of the Grid


Required Property Name Type Description
optional column_identifier string

Identifies the column and used for fetching content upon an user click or drilldown. If column identifier is not provided, the column’s data will not participate in searches and drilldowns.

optional drilldown_id string

Id of drilldown widget, if any. Id should be a valid id of an existing widget.

required field string

Field from which values of the column will be derived.

optional hidden boolean

If set to true, hides the column

required label Label

Label of the column.

optional navigation string

Hyperlink of the specified UI page that provides details. If drilldown_id is provided, then navigation cannot be used.

optional render_configuration array of RenderConfiguration

Render configuration to be applied, if any.

optional sort_ascending boolean

If true, the value of the column are sorted in ascending order. Otherwise, in descending order.

optional sort_key string

Sorting on column is based on the sort_key. sort_key represents the field in the output data on which sort is requested.

optional tooltip array of Tooltip

Multi-line text to be shown on tooltip while hovering over a cell in the grid.

required type string

Data type of the field.

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