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Represents the leaf level expression to restrict the target attribute value based on the set of existing values. Generally, used in combination with RelatedAttributeConditionalExpression to constraint the values related to another attribute on the same resource. This object is always used in conjunction with some exression. Example - { “condition” : { “operator”:“INCLUDES”, “rhs_value”: [“/infra/domains/mgw/groups/VCENTER”, “/infra/domains/mgw/groups/SRM”, “/infra/domains/mgw/groups/NSX”], “value_constraint”: { “resource_type”: “ValueConstraintExpression”, “operator”:“EXCLUDES”, “values”:[“/infra/domains/mgw/groups/VCENTER”, “/infra/domains/mgw/groups/SRM”, “/infra/domains/mgw/groups/NSX”] } }


Required Property Name Type Description
required operator string

Set operation to constraint values.

required rhs_value array of string

List of values.

required value_constraint ValueConstraintExpression

Values to apply the conditional constraint on target.


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