IPSec VPN Session Status represents status on an NSX-T type of enforcement point.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional aggregate_traffic_counters IPSecVpnTrafficCounters

Aggregate traffic statistics across all ipsec tunnels.

optional alarm PolicyRuntimeAlarm

Alarm information details.

optional enforcement_point_path string

Policy Path referencing the enforcement point where the info is fetched.

optional failed_tunnels integer

Number of failed tunnels.

optional ike_status IPSecVpnIkeSessionStatus

Status for IPSec VPN IKE session UP/DOWN and fail reason if IKE session is down.

optional last_update_timestamp integer

Timestamp when the data was last updated.

optional negotiated_tunnels integer

Number of negotiated tunnels.

optional resource_type string Not available
optional runtime_status string

Gives session status consolidated using IKE status and tunnel status. It can be UP, DOWN, DEGRADED. If IKE and all tunnels are UP status will be UP, if all down it will be DOWN, otherwise it will be DEGRADED.

optional total_tunnels integer

Total number of tunnels.

JSON Example

    "aggregate_traffic_counters": {
        "bytes_in": 0,
        "bytes_out": 0,
        "dropped_packets_in": 0,
        "dropped_packets_out": 0,
        "packets_in": 0,
        "packets_out": 0
    "alarm": {
        "error_details": {
            "details": "string",
            "error_code": 0,
            "error_message": "string",
            "module_name": "string",
            "related_errors": [
                    "details": "string",
                    "error_code": 0,
                    "error_message": "string",
                    "module_name": "string"
        "error_id": "string",
        "message": "string"
    "enforcement_point_path": "string",
    "failed_tunnels": 0,
    "ike_status": {
        "fail_reason": "string",
        "ike_session_state": "string"
    "last_update_timestamp": 0,
    "negotiated_tunnels": 0,
    "resource_type": "string",
    "runtime_status": "string",
    "total_tunnels": 0

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