Contains IPv6 related discovery options.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional dhcp_snooping_v6_enabled boolean

Enable this method will snoop the DHCPv6 message transaction which a VM makes with a DHCPv6 server. From the transaction, we learn the IPv6 addresses assigned by the DHCPv6 server to this VM along with its lease time.

optional nd_snooping_config NdSnoopingConfig

Indicates ND snooping options

optional vmtools_v6_enabled boolean

Enable this method will learn the IPv6 addresses which are configured on interfaces of a VM with the help of the VMTools software.

Property of


JSON Example

    "dhcp_snooping_v6_enabled": false,
    "nd_snooping_config": {
        "nd_snooping_enabled": false,
        "nd_snooping_limit": 0
    "vmtools_v6_enabled": false

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