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array of Attribute
attributes Optional

List of attributes specific to a partner for which the service is created. These attributes are passed on to the partner appliance and are opaque to NSX. If a vendor template exposes configurable parameters, then their values are specified here.

redirection_action Optional

The redirection action represents if the packet is exclusively redirected to the service, or if a copy is forwarded to the service. Redirection action is not applicable to guest introspection service.

Possible values are: PUNTCOPY

vendor_template_key Optional

The vendor template key property of actual vendor template. This should be used when multiple templates with same name exist.

vendor_template_name Optional

Name of the vendor template for which this Service Profile is being created.

JSON Example

    "attributes": [
            "attribute_type": "IP_ADDRESS",
            "display_name": "string",
            "key": "string",
            "read_only": false,
            "value": "string"
    "redirection_action": "PUNT",
    "vendor_template_key": "string",
    "vendor_template_name": "string"


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