Client SSL profile binding.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional certificate_chain_depth integer

Authentication depth is used to set the verification depth in the client certificates chain.

optional client_auth string

Client authentication mode.

optional client_auth_ca_paths array of string

If client auth type is REQUIRED, client certificate must be signed by one of the trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), also referred to as root CAs, whose self signed certificates are specified.

optional client_auth_crl_paths array of string

A Certificate Revocation List (CRL) can be specified in the client-side SSL profile binding to disallow compromised client certificates.

required default_certificate_path string

A default certificate should be specified which will be used if the server does not host multiple hostnames on the same IP address or if the client does not support SNI extension.

optional sni_certificate_paths array of string

Client-side SSL profile binding allows multiple certificates, for different hostnames, to be bound to the same virtual server.

optional ssl_profile_path string

Client SSL profile defines reusable, application-independent client side SSL properties.

Property of


JSON Example

    "default_certificate_path": "string"

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