The current statistics counters of the DNS forwarder including cache usages and query numbers per forwarders, on an NSX-T type of enforcement point.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional cached_entries integer

The total number of cached entries

optional conditional_forwarder_statistics array of NsxTDNSForwarderZoneStatistics

The statistics of conditional forwarder zones

optional configured_cache_size integer

The configured cache size, in kb

optional default_forwarder_statistics NsxTDNSForwarderZoneStatistics

The statistics of default forwarder zone

optional enforcement_point_path string

Policy path referencing the enforcement point from where the statistics are fetched.

optional queries_answered_locally integer

The total number of queries answered from local cache

optional queries_forwarded integer

The total number of forwarded DNS queries

required resource_type string Not available
optional timestamp integer

Time stamp of the current statistics, in ms

optional total_queries integer

The total number of received DNS queries

optional used_cache_statistics array of NsxTPerNodeUsedCacheStatistics

The statistics of used cache

JSON Example

    "resource_type": "string"

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