Answer of dns nslookup


Required Property Name Type Description
optional authoritative_answers array of NsxTDnsQueryAnswer

Authoritative answers

optional dns_server string

Dns server ip address and port, format is “ip address#port”.

optional edge_node_id string

ID of the edge node that performed the query.

optional enforcement_point_path string

Policy path referencing the enforcement point from where the DNS forwarder nslookup answer is fetched.

optional non_authoritative_answers array of NsxTDnsQueryAnswer

Non authoritative answers

optional raw_answer string

It can be NXDOMAIN or error message which is not consisted of authoritative_answer or non_authoritative_answer.

required resource_type string

Resource type of the DNS forwarder nslookup answer.

JSON Example

    "resource_type": "string"

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