Paginated collection of IP members belonging to a Group.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional _links array of ResourceLink

The server will populate this field when returing the resource. Ignored on PUT and POST.

optional _schema string

Schema for this resource

optional _self SelfResourceLink

Link to this resource

optional cursor string

Opaque cursor to be used for getting next page of records (supplied by current result page)

optional result_count integer

Count of results found (across all pages), set only on first page

optional results array of string

Paged Collection of IP addresses that belong to the given Group

optional sort_ascending boolean

If true, results are sorted in ascending order

optional sort_by string

Field by which records are sorted

JSON Example

    "_links": [
            "action": "string",
            "href": "string",
            "rel": "string"
    "_schema": "string",
    "_self": {
        "action": "string",
        "href": "string",
        "rel": "string"
    "cursor": "string",
    "result_count": 0,
    "results": [
    "sort_ascending": false,
    "sort_by": "string"

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