Detail information about port attachment


Required Property Name Type Description
optional allocate_addresses string

Indicate how IP will be allocated for the port

optional app_id string

ID used to identify/look up a child attachment behind a parent attachment

optional context_id string

Parent VIF ID if type is CHILD, Transport node ID if type is INDEPENDENT

optional id string

VIF UUID on NSX Manager. If the attachement type is PARENT, this property is required.

optional traffic_tag integer

Not valid when type is INDEPENDENT, mainly used to identify traffic from different ports in container use case

optional type string

Type of port attachment, it’s an Enum value.

Property of


JSON Example

    "allocate_addresses": "string",
    "app_id": "string",
    "context_id": "string",
    "id": "string",
    "traffic_tag": 0,
    "type": "string"

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