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Realized Virtual Machine


Required Property Name Type Description
optional _create_time integer

Timestamp of resource creation

optional _create_user string

ID of the user who created this resource

optional _last_modified_time integer

Timestamp of last modification

optional _last_modified_user string

ID of the user who last modified this resource

optional _links array of ResourceLink

The server will populate this field when returing the resource. Ignored on PUT and POST.

optional _protection string

Protection status is one of the following: PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is not allowed to modify it. NOT_PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is allowed to modify it REQUIRE_OVERRIDE - the client who retrieved the entity is a super user and can modify it, but only when providing the request header X-Allow-Overwrite=true. UNKNOWN - the _protection field could not be determined for this entity.

optional _revision integer

The _revision property describes the current revision of the resource. To prevent clients from overwriting each other’s changes, PUT operations must include the current _revision of the resource, which clients should obtain by issuing a GET operation. If the _revision provided in a PUT request is missing or stale, the operation will be rejected.

optional _schema string

Schema for this resource

optional _self SelfResourceLink

Link to this resource

optional _system_owned boolean

Indicates system owned resource

optional alarms array of PolicyAlarmResource

Alarm info detail

optional compute_ids array of string

List of external compute ids of the virtual machine in the format ‘id-type-key:value’ , list of external compute ids [‘uuid:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’, ‘moIdOnHost:moref-11’, ‘instanceUuid:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’]

optional description string

Description of this resource

optional display_name string

Defaults to ID if not set

optional host_id string

Id of the host on which the vm exists.

optional id string

Unique identifier of this resource

optional intent_reference array of string

Desire state paths of this object

optional local_id_on_host string

Id of the vm unique within the host.

optional parent_path string

Path of its parent

optional path string

Absolute path of this object

optional power_state string

Current power state of this virtual machine in the system.

optional realization_api string

Realization API of this object on enforcement point

optional realization_specific_identifier string

Realization id of this object

optional relative_path string

Path relative from its parent

optional resource_type string

The type of this resource.

optional runtime_error string

It define the root cause for runtime error.

optional runtime_status string

Possible values could be UP, DOWN, UNKNOWN, DEGRADED This list is not exhaustive.

optional state string

Realization state of this object

optional tags array of Tag

Opaque identifiers meaningful to the API user


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