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Represents the leaf level type expression to express constraint as value of realted attribute to the target. Example - Constraint traget attribute ‘X’ (example in Constraint), if destinationGroups contains ‘vCeneter’ then allow only values “HTTPS”, “HTTP” for attribute X. { “target”:{ “target_resource_type”:“CommunicationEntry”, “attribute”:“services”, “path_prefix”: “/infra/domains/{{DOMAIN}}/edge-communication-maps/default/communication-entries/” }, “constraint_expression”: { “resource_type”: “RelatedAttributeConditionalExpression”, “related_attribute”:{ “attribute”:“destinationGroups” }, “condition” : { “operator”:“INCLUDES”, “rhs_value”: [“/infra/domains/mgw/groups/VCENTER”], “value_constraint”: { “resource_type”: “ValueConstraintExpression”, “operator”:“INCLUDES”, “values”:[“/infra/services/HTTP”, “/infra/services/HTTPS”] } } } }


Required Property Name Type Description
optional _create_time integer

Timestamp of resource creation

optional _create_user string

ID of the user who created this resource

optional _last_modified_time integer

Timestamp of last modification

optional _last_modified_user string

ID of the user who last modified this resource

optional _links array of ResourceLink

The server will populate this field when returing the resource. Ignored on PUT and POST.

optional _protection string

Protection status is one of the following: PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is not allowed to modify it. NOT_PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is allowed to modify it REQUIRE_OVERRIDE - the client who retrieved the entity is a super user and can modify it, but only when providing the request header X-Allow-Overwrite=true. UNKNOWN - the _protection field could not be determined for this entity.

optional _revision integer

The _revision property describes the current revision of the resource. To prevent clients from overwriting each other’s changes, PUT operations must include the current _revision of the resource, which clients should obtain by issuing a GET operation. If the _revision provided in a PUT request is missing or stale, the operation will be rejected.

optional _schema string

Schema for this resource

optional _self SelfResourceLink

Link to this resource

optional _system_owned boolean

Indicates system owned resource

optional condition ConditionalValueConstraintExpression

Conditional value expression for target based on realted attribute value.

optional description string

Description of this resource

optional display_name string

Defaults to ID if not set

optional id string

Unique identifier of this resource

optional related_attribute RelatedAttribute

Related attribute.

optional resource_type string

The type of this resource.

optional tags array of Tag

Opaque identifiers meaningful to the API user


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