Route advertisement rules and filtering


Required Property Name Type Description
required action string

Action to advertise filtered routes to the connected Tier0 gateway. PERMIT: Enables the advertisment DENY: Disables the advertisement

required name string

Display name should be unique.

optional prefix_operator string

Prefix operator to filter subnets. GE prefix operator filters all the routes with prefix length greater than or equal to the subnets configured. EQ prefix operator filter all the routes with prefix length equal to the subnets configured.

optional route_advertisement_types array of string

Enable different types of route advertisements. When not specified, routes to IPSec VPN local-endpoint subnets (TIER1_IPSEC_LOCAL_ENDPOINT) are automatically advertised.

optional subnets array of string

Network CIDRs to be routed.

Property of


JSON Example

    "action": "string",
    "name": "string"

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