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Set criteria for route map entry


Required Property Name Type Description
optional as_path_prepend string

AS path prepend to influence route selection.

optional community string

Set BGP regular or large community for matching routes. A maximum of one value for each community type separated by space. Well-known community name, community value in aa:nn (2byte:2byte) format for regular community and community value in aa:bb:nn (4byte:4byte:4byte) format for large community are supported.

optional local_preference integer

Local preference indicates the degree of preference for one BGP route over other BGP routes. The path with highest local preference is preferred.

optional med integer

Multi exit descriminator (MED) is a hint to BGP neighbors about the preferred path into an autonomous system (AS) that has multiple entry points. A lower MED value is preferred over a higher value.

optional weight integer

Weight is used to select a route when multiple routes are available to the same network. Route with the highest weight is preferred.

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