Deployment Specs holds information required to deploy the Service-VMs.i.e. OVF url where the partner Service-VM OVF is hosted. The host type on which the OVF(Open Virtualization Format) can be deployed, Form factor to name a few.


Required Property Name Type Description
required host_type string

Host Type on which the specified OVF can be deployed.

optional min_host_version string

Minimum host version supported by this ovf. If a host in the deployment cluster is having version less than this, then service deployment will not happen on that host.

optional name string

Deployment Spec name for ease of use, since multiple DeploymentSpec can be specified.

required ovf_url string

Location of the partner VM OVF to be deployed.

optional service_form_factor string

Supported ServiceInsertion Form Factor for the OVF deployment. The default FormFactor is Medium.

Property of


JSON Example

    "host_type": "string",
    "ovf_url": "string"

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