Aggregate statistics of all the rules in a security policy.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional internal_section_id string

Realized id of the section on NSX MP. Policy Manager can create more than one section per SecurityPolicy, in which case this identifier helps to distinguish between the multiple sections created.

optional lr_path string

Path of the LR on which the section is applied in case of Gateway Firewall.

optional result_count integer

Total count for rule statistics

optional results array of RuleStatistics

List of rule statistics.

JSON Example

    "internal_section_id": "string",
    "lr_path": "string",
    "result_count": 0,
    "results": [
            "_links": [
                    "action": "string",
                    "href": "string",
                    "rel": "string"
            "_schema": "string",
            "_self": {
                "action": "string",
                "href": "string",
                "rel": "string"
            "byte_count": 0,
            "hit_count": 0,
            "internal_rule_id": "string",
            "lr_path": "string",
            "max_popularity_index": 0,
            "max_session_count": 0,
            "packet_count": 0,
            "popularity_index": 0,
            "rule": "string",
            "session_count": 0,
            "total_session_count": 0

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