Advanced configuration for Segment


Required Property Name Type Description
optional address_pool_paths array of string

Policy path to IP address pools.

optional connectivity string

Connectivity configuration to manually connect (ON) or disconnect (OFF) a logical entity from network topology.

optional hybrid boolean

When set to true, all the ports created on this segment will behave in a hybrid fashion. The hybrid port indicates to NSX that the VM intends to operate in underlay mode, but retains the ability to forward egress traffic to the NSX overlay network. This property is only applicable for segment created with transport zone type OVERLAY_STANDARD. This property cannot be modified after segment is created.

optional local_egress boolean

This property is used to enable proximity routing with local egress. When set to true, logical router interface (downlink) connecting Segment to Tier0/Tier1 gateway is configured with prefix-length 32.

Property of




JSON Example

    "address_pool_paths": [
    "connectivity": "string",
    "hybrid": false,
    "local_egress": false

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