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A ServiceInsertionServiceProfile can be part of multiple ServiceChains. ServiceChainMapping for a particular profile will contain a list of all the ServiceChains it’s part of. Each Mapping will also contain some metadata to uniquely identify a profile from other profiles.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional direction string

Each ServiceChain has forward_path_service_profiles and reverse_path_service_profiles. This property will indicate which of them being used. FORWARD - forward_path_service_profiles REVERSE - reverse_path_service_profiles

optional service_chain_id string

A unique id generated for every ServiceChain. This is not a uuid.

optional service_index integer

Service Index represents a numerical position of a ServiceInsertionServiceProfile in a ServiceChain. It will be in reverse order. Service Index can point to either forward_path_service_profiles or reverse_path_service_profiles indicated by direction property. Example - For a ServiceChain A-B-C, A will have index of 3, B will have index of 2 and C will have index of 1.


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