ServiceDeployment Spec consists of information required to deploy and configure the partner appliances. viz. Deployment template, deployment spec and NIC metatdata.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional deployment_specs array of SVMDeploymentSpec

Deployment Specs holds information required to deploy the Service-VMs. i.e. OVF url where the partner Service-VM OVF is hosted. The host type on which the OVF can be deployed, Form factor to name a few.

required deployment_template array of DeploymentTemplate

Deployment Template holds the attributes specific to partner for which the service is created. These attributes are opaque to NSX Manager.

optional nic_metadata_list array of NicMetadata

NIC metadata associated with the deployment spec.

optional svm_version string

Partner needs to specify the Service VM version which will get deployed. Modification of this field would notify administrators that new upgrade is available.

Property of


JSON Example

    "deployment_template": [

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