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Represents configuration of a statistic for an entity. Example, number of logical switches and their admin states.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional _create_time integer

Timestamp of resource creation

optional _create_user string

ID of the user who created this resource

optional _last_modified_time integer

Timestamp of last modification

optional _last_modified_user string

ID of the user who last modified this resource

optional _links array of ResourceLink

The server will populate this field when returing the resource. Ignored on PUT and POST.

optional _protection string

Protection status is one of the following: PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is not allowed to modify it. NOT_PROTECTED - the client who retrieved the entity is allowed to modify it REQUIRE_OVERRIDE - the client who retrieved the entity is a super user and can modify it, but only when providing the request header X-Allow-Overwrite=true. UNKNOWN - the _protection field could not be determined for this entity.

optional _revision integer

The _revision property describes the current revision of the resource. To prevent clients from overwriting each other’s changes, PUT operations must include the current _revision of the resource, which clients should obtain by issuing a GET operation. If the _revision provided in a PUT request is missing or stale, the operation will be rejected.

optional _schema string

Schema for this resource

optional _self SelfResourceLink

Link to this resource

optional _system_owned boolean

Indicates system owned resource

optional datasources array of Datasource

The ‘datasources’ represent the sources from which data will be fetched. Currently, only NSX-API is supported as a ‘default’ datasource. An example of specifying ‘default’ datasource along with the urls to fetch data from is given at ‘example_request’ section of ‘CreateWidgetConfiguration’ API.

optional description string

Description of this resource

optional display_name string

Defaults to ID if not set

optional drilldown_id string

Id of drilldown widget, if any. Id should be a valid id of an existing widget. A widget is considered as drilldown widget when it is associated with any other widget and provides more detailed information about any data item from the parent widget.

optional footer Footer

Footer of a widget that provides additional information or allows an action such as clickable url for navigation. An example usage of footer is provided under ‘example_request’ section of ‘CreateWidgetConfiguration’ API.

optional icons array of Icon

Icons to be applied at dashboard for widgets and UI elements.

optional id string

Unique identifier of this resource

optional is_drilldown boolean

Set to true if this widget should be used as a drilldown.

optional label Label

Displayed at the sections, by default. It labels the entities of sections. If label is not provided, the sections are not labelled.

optional legend Legend

Legend to be displayed. If legend is not needed, do not include it.

optional navigation string

Hyperlink of the specified UI page that provides details.

optional resource_type string

The type of this resource.

optional sections array of DonutSection


optional shared boolean

Please use the property ‘shared’ of View instead of this. The widgets of a shared view are visible to other users.

optional stat StatItem

Expression that fetches statistic. It can be used to show the characteristics of entities such as Logical Switches, Firewall Rules, and so on. For example, number of logical switches and their admin states. If stat is not provided, then it will not be displayed.

optional sub_type string

A sub-type of StatsConfiguration. If sub-type is not specified the parent type is rendered. The COMPACT sub_type, conserves the space for the widget. The statistic is placed on the right side on top of the status bar and the title of the widget is placed on the left side on the top of the status bar. The COMPACT style aligns itself horizontally as per the width of the container. If multiple widgets are placed insided the container then the widgets are placed one below the other to conserve the space.

optional tags array of Tag

Opaque identifiers meaningful to the API user

optional weight integer

Specify relavite weight in WidgetItem for placement in a view. Please see WidgetItem for details.


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