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Required Property Name Type Description
optional _last_sync_time integer

Timestamp of last modification

optional _links array of ResourceLink

The server will populate this field when returing the resource. Ignored on PUT and POST.

optional _schema string

Schema for this resource

optional _self SelfResourceLink

Link to this resource

optional compute_ids array of string

List of external compute ids of the virtual machine in the format ‘id-type-key:value’ , list of external compute ids [‘uuid:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’, ‘moIdOnHost:moref-11’, ‘instanceUuid:xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx’]

optional description string

Description of this resource

optional display_name string

Defaults to ID if not set

optional external_id string

Current external id of this virtual machine in the system.

optional guest_info GuestInfo

Guest virtual machine details include OS name, computer name of guest VM. Currently this is supported for guests on ESXi that have VMware Tools installed.

optional host_id string

Id of the host in which this virtual machine exists.

optional local_id_on_host string

Id of the vm unique within the host.

optional power_state string

Current power state of this virtual machine in the system.

optional resource_type string

The type of this resource.

optional source ResourceReference

Reference of the Host or Public Cloud Gateway that reported the VM

optional tags array of Tag

Opaque identifiers meaningful to the API user

optional type string

Virtual Machine type; Edge, Service VM or other.


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