This cmdlet closes the connection to the servers specified by the Server parameter. When no servers are specified and if there is only one connected server in the $defaultVcsServers variable, this server is disconnected. If there is no connected server, the cmdlet throws a non-terminating error.This functionality uses the reference counting mechanism. For more information about the mechanism, see Connect-Vcs.When there are no more active connections to the server, it gets disconnected and then it is removed from the $defaultVcsServers variable (if it is present). For more information about this variable, see Connect-Vcs.If the Force parameter is specified, the server is disconnected even if there is more than one connection to it. The RefCount property of the object is incremented by one.


[-Server  <CisServer[]>]


Required Parameter Name Type Position Features Description
SwitchParameter named Specifies that you want to remove all existing connections to the specified VMware Cloud on AWS servers.
CisServer[] named
  • wildcards
  • pipeline
  • Specifies the VMware Cloud on AWS servers you want to disconnect from.



    Example 1

    $connection = ConnectVcs -RefreshToken $myRefreshToken
    Disconnect-Vcs -Server $connection -Confirm:$false

    Disconnects the specified VMware Cloud on AWS server without asking for confirmation.

    Example 2

    $connection = ConnectVcs -RefreshToken $myRefreshToken
    Disconnect-Vcs -Server '*' -Force -Confirm:$false

    Forces the disconnect operation for all connected VMware Cloud on AWS servers without asking for confirmation.

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