VMware.DeployAutomation Commands Index

All available VMware.DeployAutomation commands.


Active Deploy Rule Set
Switch-ActiveDeployRuleSet Activates a rule set.
Auto Deploy State
Export-AutoDeployState The cmdlet will fetch the current state of Auto Deploy and will write out a zip file named rbd-backup.zip in the specified directory path.
Import-AutoDeployState The cmdlet uploads the file contents to restore the Auto Deploy state.
Deploy Image
Repair-DeployImageCache Repairs the image cache. Use this cmdlet only when working with VMware Technical Support.
Deploy Option
Get-DeployOption Get the Auto Deploy global configuration options.
Set-DeployOption Set an Auto Deploy global configuration option.
Deploy Rule
Add-DeployRule Adds one or more rules to the rule set.
Copy-DeployRule Clones an existing rule.
Get-DeployRule Gets a DeployRule object.
Get-DeployRuleSet Gets the current working rule set or the current active rule set.
New-DeployRule Creates a new rule.
Remove-DeployRule Removes a rule from the working rule set.
Repair-DeployRuleSetCompliance Remediate any non-compliant associations discovered by Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance
Set-DeployRule Updates an existing rule.
Set-DeployRuleSet Sets the list of rules in the working rule set.
Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance Checks whether hosts are compliant with rules.
Set-ESXImageProfileAssociation Associates the specified image profile with the specified ESXi system.
New-LCMClusterRuleWithTransform Create LCM cluster rule with transform
Reset-LCMClusterRuleWithTransform Update LCM cluster rule with transform
Set-LCMClusterRuleWithTransform Update LCM cluster rule with transform
Add-ProxyServer Adds a proxy server to the proxy server list.
Get-ProxyServer Get the proxy server list.
Remove-ProxyServer Removes a proxy server from the proxy server list.
Script Bundle
Add-ScriptBundle The cmdlet will take in the file URI to the script bundle and upload it to Auto Deploy. The name of the script bundle will be used as the identifier for the object minus the tgz extension.
Get-ScriptBundle Gets a ScriptBundle object.
Remove-ScriptBundle The cmdlet takes in a script bundle and removes it from Auto Deploy.
Set-ScriptBundleAssociation Associates the specified script bundle with the specified ESXi system.
VM Host
Get-VMHostAttributes Gets the identifying attributes of a host.
Get-VMHostImageProfile Gets the image profile associated with the specified ESXi host.
Get-VMHostMatchingRules Retrieves the list of rules in the rule set that match a specified host.

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