This cmdlet logs out and closes the connection to one or more SRM servers. In PowerCLI, you can have multiple connections to a server. In order to disconnect from a server, you must close all active connections to it. By default, Disconnect-SrmServer closes only the last connection to the specified server. To close all active connections to a server, use the Force parameter or run the cmdlet for each connection.


[-Server  <SrmServer[]>]


Required Parameter Name Type Position Features Description
SwitchParameter named Indicates that you want to close all active connections to the specified SRM server and disconnect from it. If the value is $false, the cmdlet closes only the last connection to the specified server and you must run Disconnect-SrmServer for each active connection to this server in order to disconnect from it.
SrmServer[] named
  • wildcards
  • pipeline
  • Specifies the SRM servers you want to disconnect from.



    Example 1

    Disconnect-SrmServer -Server '*' -Force

    Disconnects all SRM server connections.

    Example 2

    $srmServer = Connect-SrmServer -SrmServerAddress "mySrmServerIp" -User "mySrmUSer" -Password "mySrmPassword"
    Disconnect-SrmServer -Server $srmServer

    Connects to a specified SRM server by passing the local site credentials for login and then invokes the cmdlet to disconnect from the that server.

    Example 3

    Disconnect-SrmServer -Server $global:DefaultSrmServers -Force

    Logs out and closes all connections to the SRM servers included in the default list of connections established to SRM servers.

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