VMware.VumAutomation Commands Index

All available VMware.VumAutomation commands.


Get-Baseline This cmdlet retrieves baselines.
Remove-Baseline This cmdlet removes baselines.
Get-Compliance This cmdlet retrieves baseline compliance data for the specified object.
Test-Compliance This cmdlet scans inventory objects for baselines attached to them.
Add-EntityBaseline This cmdlet attaches baselines to the specified inventory object.
Remove-EntityBaseline This cmdlet detaches baselines from the specified inventory objects.
Update-Entity This cmdlet remediates an inventory object against the specified baselines.
Copy-Patch This cmdlet initializes staging of patches.
Get-Patch This cmdlet retrieves the available patches.
Get-PatchBaseline This cmdlet retrieves patch baselines.
New-PatchBaseline This cmdlet creates a new patch baseline.
Set-PatchBaseline This cmdlet modifies the properties of a patch baseline.
Sync-Patch This cmdlet downloads new patches into the Update Manager repository.

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