Required Property Name Type Description
optional account_link_sddc_config array of SddcLinkConfig Not available
optional availability_zones array of string

Availability zones over which esx hosts are provisioned. MultiAZ SDDCs will have hosts provisioned over two availability zones while SingleAZ SDDCs will provision over one.

optional backup_restore_bucket string Not available
optional cgws array of string Not available
optional cloud_password string

Password for vCenter SDDC administrator

optional cloud_user_group string

Group name for vCenter SDDC administrator

optional cloud_username string

Username for vCenter SDDC administrator

optional clusters array of Cluster

List of clusters in the SDDC.

optional custom_properties map of string Not available
optional deployment_type string

Denotes if this is a SingleAZ SDDC or a MultiAZ SDDC.

optional dns_with_management_vm_private_ip boolean

if true, use the private IP addresses to register DNS records for the management VMs

optional esx_cluster_id string

Cluster Id to add ESX workflow

optional esx_host_subnet string

ESX host subnet

optional esx_hosts array of AwsEsxHost Not available
optional kms_vpc_endpoint KmsVpcEndpoint Not available
optional management_ds string

The ManagedObjectReference of the management Datastore

optional management_rp string Not available
optional max_num_public_ip integer

maximum number of public IP that user can allocate.

optional mgmt_appliance_network_name string

Name for management appliance network.

optional mgw_id string

Management Gateway Id

optional msft_license_config MsftLicensingConfig

The Microsoft license status of this SDDC.

optional nsx_api_public_endpoint_url string

nsx api entire base url

optional nsx_controller_ips array of string

List of Controller IPs

optional nsx_mgr_management_ip string

NSX Manager internal management IP

optional nsx_mgr_url string

URL of the NSX Manager

optional nsxt boolean

if true, NSX-T UI is enabled.

optional nsxt_addons NsxtAddons

Details the state of different NSX add-ons.

optional pop_agent_xeni_connection PopAgentXeniConnection Not available
required provider string

Discriminator for additional properties

optional psc_management_ip string

PSC internal management IP

optional psc_url string

URL of the PSC server

optional public_ip_pool array of SddcPublicIp Not available
optional region string

region in which sddc is deployed

optional sddc_id string

sddc identifier

optional sddc_manifest SddcManifest

Describes software components of the installed SDDC

optional sddc_networks array of string Not available
optional sddc_size SddcSize

Size of the SDDC

optional skip_creating_vxlan boolean

skip creating vxlan for compute gateway for SDDC provisioning

optional sso_domain string

The SSO domain name to use for vSphere users

optional vc_instance_id string

unique id of the vCenter server

optional vc_management_ip string

vCenter internal management IP

optional vc_public_ip string

vCenter public IP

optional vc_url string

URL of the vCenter server

optional vpc_info VpcInfo Not available
optional vpc_info_peered_agent VpcInfo Not available
optional vsan_encryption_config VsanEncryptionConfig Not available
optional vxlan_subnet string

VXLAN IP subnet

optional witness_availability_zone string

Availability zone where the witness node is provisioned for a MultiAZ SDDC. This is null for a SingleAZ SDDC.

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JSON Example

    "provider": "string"

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