Required Property Name Type Description
optional account_link_config AccountLinkConfig

The account linking configuration, we will keep this one and remove accountLinkSddcConfig finally.

optional account_link_sddc_config array of AccountLinkSddcConfig

A list of the SDDC linking configurations to use.

optional deployment_type string

Denotes if request is for a SingleAZ or a MultiAZ SDDC. Default is SingleAZ.

optional host_instance_type HostInstanceTypes Enum

The instance type for the esx hosts in the primary cluster of the SDDC.

optional msft_license_config MsftLicensingConfig

Indicates the desired licensing support, if any, of Microsoft software.

required name string Not available
required num_hosts integer Not available
required provider string

Determines what additional properties are available based on cloud provider.

optional sddc_id string

If provided, will be assigned as SDDC id of the provisioned SDDC.

optional sddc_template_id string

If provided, configuration from the template will applied to the provisioned SDDC.

optional sddc_type string

Denotes the sddc type , if the value is null or empty, the type is considered as default.

optional size string

The size of the vCenter and NSX appliances. “large” sddcSize corresponds to a ‘large’ vCenter appliance and ‘large’ NSX appliance. ‘medium’ sddcSize corresponds to ‘medium’ vCenter appliance and ‘medium’ NSX appliance. Value defaults to ‘medium’.

optional skip_creating_vxlan boolean

skip creating vxlan for compute gateway for SDDC provisioning

optional sso_domain string

The SSO domain name to use for vSphere users. If not specified, vmc.local will be used.

optional storage_capacity integer

The storage capacity value to be requested for the sddc primary cluster, in GiBs. If provided, instead of using the direct-attached storage, a capacity value amount of seperable storage will be used.

optional vpc_cidr string

AWS VPC IP range. Only prefix of 16 or 20 is currently supported.

optional vxlan_subnet string

VXLAN IP subnet in CIDR for compute gateway

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JSON Example

    "name": "string",
    "num_hosts": 0,
    "provider": "string"

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