Required Property Name Type Description
optional api_association_id string

Id of the association between subnet and route-table (deprecated)

optional api_subnet_id string

Id associated with this VPC (deprecated)

optional association_id string


optional available_zones array of AvailableZoneInfo Not available
optional edge_association_id string

Id of the association between edge subnet and route-table (deprecated)

optional edge_subnet_id string

Id of the NSX edge associated with this VPC (deprecated)

optional esx_public_security_group_id string Not available
optional esx_security_group_id string Not available
optional id string

vpc id

optional internet_gateway_id string Not available
optional network_type string Not available
optional peering_connection_id string


optional private_association_id string


optional private_subnet_id string


optional provider string Not available
optional route_table_id string


optional routetables map of RouteTableInfo

map from routeTableName to routeTableInfo

optional security_group_id string Not available
optional subnet_id string


optional tgwIps map of string

Mapping from AZ to a list of IP addresses assigned to TGW ENI that’s connected with Vpc

optional trafficGroupEdgeVmIps array of string

List of edge vm Ips of traffic gourps added during scale-out

optional vgw_id string Not available
optional vgw_route_table_id string

Route table which contains the route to VGW (deprecated)

optional vif_ids array of string

set of virtual interfaces attached to the sddc

optional vm_security_group_id string Not available
optional vpc_cidr string Not available

Property of


JSON Example

    "api_association_id": "string",
    "api_subnet_id": "string",
    "association_id": "string",
    "available_zones": [
            "name": "string",
            "subnets": [
                    "name": "string",
                    "route_tables": [
                            "association_id": "string",
                            "routetable_id": "string",
                            "subnet_id": "string"
                    "subnet_id": "string"
    "edge_association_id": "string",
    "edge_subnet_id": "string",
    "esx_public_security_group_id": "string",
    "esx_security_group_id": "string",
    "id": "string",
    "internet_gateway_id": "string",
    "network_type": "string",
    "peering_connection_id": "string",
    "private_association_id": "string",
    "private_subnet_id": "string",
    "provider": "string",
    "route_table_id": "string",
    "routetables": {
        "key": {
            "id": "string",
            "name": "string"
    "security_group_id": "string",
    "subnet_id": "string",
    "tgwIps": {
        "key": "string"
    "trafficGroupEdgeVmIps": [
    "vgw_id": "string",
    "vgw_route_table_id": "string",
    "vif_ids": [
    "vm_security_group_id": "string",
    "vpc_cidr": "string"

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