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NSX Edge Appliance status.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional activeVseHaIndex integer

Index of the active NSX Edge appliance. Values are 0 and 1.

optional edgeStatus string

NSX Edge appliance health status identified by GREY (unknown status), GREEN (health checks are successful), YELLOW (intermittent health check failure), RED (none of the appliances are in serving state). If health check fails for 5 consecutive times for all appliance (2 for HA else 1) then status will turn from YELLOW to RED.

optional edgeVmStatus array of EdgeVmStatus

Detailed status of each of the deployed NSX Edge appliances.

optional featureStatuses array of FeatureStatus

Individual feature status.

optional haVnicInUse integer

Index of the vnic consumed for NSX Edge HA.

optional lastPublishedPreRulesGenerationNumber integer

Value of the last published pre rules generation number.

optional preRulesExists boolean

Value is true if pre rules publish is enabled.

optional publishStatus string

Status of the latest configuration change for the NSX Edge. Values are APPLIED or PERSISTED (not published to NSX Edge Appliance yet).

optional systemStatus string

System status of the active NSX Edge appliance.

optional timestamp integer

Timestamp value at which the NSX Edge healthcheck was done.

optional version integer

Version number of the current configuration.

Returned By

Get Edge Status

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