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Firewall Rule


Required Property Name Type Description
optional action string

Action. Values : accept, deny

optional application Application

List of applications. Default is any.

optional description string

Description for the rule

optional destination AddressFWSourceDestination

List of destinations. Default is any.

optional direction string

Direction. Possible values in or out. Default is ‘any’.

optional enabled boolean

Enable rule.

optional invalidApplication boolean Not available
optional invalidDestination boolean Not available
optional invalidSource boolean Not available
optional loggingEnabled boolean

Enable logging for the rule.

optional matchTranslated boolean

Defines the order of NAT and Firewall pipeline. When false, firewall happens before NAT. Default : false

optional name string

Name for the rule.

optional ruleId integer

Identifier for the rule.

optional ruleTag integer

Rule tag. Used to specify user-defined ruleId. If not specified NSX Manager will generate ruleId.

optional ruleType string

Identifies the type of the rule. internal_high or user.

optional source AddressFWSourceDestination

List of sources. Default is any.

optional statistics FirewallRuleStats

Statistics for the rule

Property of


Parameter To

Update Edge Firewall Rule

Returned By

Get Edge Firewall Rule

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