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NSX Edge vnic configuration details.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional addressGroups EdgeVnicAddressGroups

Address group configuration of the interface.

optional enableBridgeMode boolean

Value is true if bridge mode is enabled.

optional enableProxyArp boolean

Value is true if proxy arp is enabled. Enable proxy ARP if you want to allow the NSX Edge of type ‘gatewayServices’ to answer ARP requests intended for other machines.

optional enableSendRedirects boolean

Value is true if send redirects is enabled. Enable ICMP redirect to convey routing information to hosts.

optional fenceParameters array of KeyValueAttributes

Key value pair describing the feature configuration limit.

optional inShapingPolicy TrafficShapingPolicy Not available
required index integer

Index of the vnic. Min value is 0 and max value is 9.

optional isConnected boolean

Value is true if the vnic is connected to a logical switch, standard portgroup or distributed portgroup.

optional label string

Interface label of format vNic_{vnicIndex} provided by NSX Manager. Read only.

optional macAddresses array of MacAddress

Distinct MAC addresses configured for the vnic. Optional.

optional mtu integer

MTU of the interface, with default as 1500. Min is 68, Max is 9000. Optional.

optional name string

Name of the interface. Optional.

optional outShapingPolicy TrafficShapingPolicy Not available
optional portgroupId string

Value are port group ID (standard portgroup or distributed portgroup) or virtual wire ID (logical switch). Logical switch cannot be used for a TRUNK vnic. Portgroup cannot be shared among vnics/LIFs. Required when isConnected is specified as true. Example ‘network-17’ (standard portgroup), ‘dvportgroup-34’ (distributed portgroup) or ‘virtualwire-2’ (logical switch).

optional portgroupName string

Name of the port group or logical switch.

optional subInterfaces SubInterfaces

List of sub interfaces. Sub interfaces can be created only on a trunk interface.

optional type string

Type of the vnic. Values are uplink, internal, trunk. At least one internal interface must be configured for NSX Edge HA to work.


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