VMware Cloud APIs Operations Index

All available VMware Cloud APIs Operations.

AWS Account Linking

Compatible Subnets
get Get Compatible Account Linking Subnets
Gets a customer's compatible subnets for account linking
get Get Compatible Account Linking Subnets Async
Gets a customer's compatible subnets for account linking via a task. The information is returned as a member of the task (found in task.params['subnet_list_result'] when you are notified it is complete), and it's documented under ref /definitions/AwsCompatibleSubnets
post Set Account Linking Subnet
Sets which subnet to use to link accounts and finishes the linking process
post Set Account Linking Subnet Async
Sets which subnet to use to link accounts and finishes the linking process via a task
Connected Accounts
delete Delete Connected Account
Delete a particular connected (linked) account.
get List Connected Accounts
Get a list of connected accounts
SDDC Connections
get List SDDC Connections
Get a list of SDDC connections currently setup for the customer's organization.
Start Linking
get Get URI To Start Linking Process
Gets a link that can be used on a customer's account to start the linking process.
Zone Mapping
post Remap Customer Datacenter Zones
Creates a task to re-map customer's datacenters across zones.

AWS Resources

Service Quotas
get Get AWS Service Quota Request
Get Service Quota Request by its Id
get List AWS Service Quota Requests
List all service quota requests of an org


Cluster Configuration
get Get Cluster Configuration Constraints
Get storage size constraints on existing cluster.
get Get Cluster Storage Constraints
Get constraints on cluster storage size for EBS-backed clusters.
post Reconfigure SDDC Cluster
Initiate a reconfiguration for the cluster.
Cluster Management
post Create New SDDC Cluster
Add a cluster in the target sddc.
delete Force Delete Cluster
Delete a cluster.
MSFT Licensing


Cloud Providers
get List Cloud Providers
Get enabled cloud providers for an organization
get Get Organization Details
Get details of organization
get List Organizations
Get organizations associated with calling user.
Payment Methods
get List Payment Methods
Get payment methods of organization
get Get SDDC Maintenance Window
get the maintenance window for this SDDC
get List All Organization Reservations
Get all reservations for this org
put Update SDDC Maintenance Window
update the maintenance window for this SDDC
post Create New Subscription
Create a subscription
get Get Subscription
Get a subscription
get List Available Offers
List all offers available for the specific product type in the specific region
get List Available Products
List of all the products that are available for purchase.
get List Subscriptions
Get all subscriptions
get Get Task Details
Get task details
get List Tasks
List all tasks for organization
post Request Cancel Task
Modify an existing task
Terms Of Service

SDDC Management

Add On Credentials
post Associate Add On Credentials
Associate a new add on credentials with the SDDC such as HCX
get Get Credential Details
Get credential details by name
get List Add On Credentials
List all the credentials assoicated with an addon type with in a SDDC
put Update Credential Details
Update credential details
put Update Private DNS
Update the DNS records of management VMs to use private IP addresses
put Update Public DNS
Update the DNS records of management VMs to use public IP addresses
post Perform Host Operation
Add/Remove one or more ESX hosts in the target cloud
Management VMS
put Update Management VM DNS
Update the DNS records of management VMs to use public or private IP addresses
Network Connectivity
post Check SDDC Network Connectivity
ConnectivityValidationGroupResultWrapper will be available at task.params['test_result'].
get Get Network Connectivity Test Metadata
Retrieve metadata for connectivity tests.
Primary Cluster
get Get Primary Cluster
Get a primary cluster in the target sddc
SDDC Configuration
post Convert SDDC
Converts a one host SDDC to a four node DEFAULT SDDC.
post Create A New SDDC
Provision SDDC
delete Delete SDDC
Delete SDDC
get Get SDDC
get List All SDDCs
List all the SDDCs of an organization
patch Update SDDC Name
Patch SDDC
SDDC Provisioning
get Get SDDC Provision Spec
Get sddc provision spec for an org
SDDC Templates
delete Delete SDDC Configuration Template
Delete SDDC template identified by given id.
get Get SDDC Configuation Template
Get configuration template for an SDDC
get Get SDDC Configuration Template
Get configuration template by given template id.
get List SDDC Configuration Templates
List all available SDDC configuration templates in an organization


post Set Session Locale
Set locale for the session

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