Describes what a defined entity type should look like.


description Optional

Description of the defined entity type.

externalId Optional

An external entity’s id that this definition may apply to.

map of object
hooks Optional

A mapping defining which behaviors should be invoked upon specific lifecycle events, like PostCreate, PostUpdate, PreDelete. For example: “hooks”: { “PostCreate”: “urn:vcloud:behavior-interface:postCreateHook:vendorA:containerCluster:1.0.0” }

Added in 36.0

id Optional

The id of the defined entity type in URN format.

inheritedVersion Optional

To be used when creating a new version of a defined entity type. Specifies the version of the type that will be the template for the authorization configuration of a the new version. The Type ACLs and the access requirements of the Type Behaviors of the new version will be copied from those of the inherited version. If the value of this property is ‘0’, then the new type version will not inherit another version and will have the default authorization settings, just like the first version of a new type.

Added in 36.0

array of string
interfaces Optional

List of interface ids that this defined entity type is referenced by.

name Optional

The name of the defined entity type.

nss Optional

A unique namespace specific string. The combination of nss and version must be unique.

readonly Optional

True if the entity type cannot be modified.

map of object
schema Optional

The JSON-Schema valid definition of the defined entity type. If no JSON Schema version is specified, version 4 will be assumed.

vendor Optional

The vendor name.

version Optional

The version of the defined entity type. The combination of nss and version must be unique. The version string must follow semantic versioning rules.

JSON Example

	"description": "string",
	"externalId": "123",
	"id": "urn:vcloud:type:vmware:vspheresddc:1.0.0",
	"inheritedVersion": "1.0.0",
	"interfaces": [
	"name": "vspheresddc",
	"nss": "sddc",
	"readonly": false,
	"vendor": "vmware",
	"version": "1.1.0"


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