Describes Load Balancer Service configuration on an Edge Gateway.


enabled Required

A flag indicating whether Load Balancer Service is enabled or not.

licenseType Optional

The license type of the backing Load Balancer Cloud.

  • BASIC - Basic edition of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.
  • ENTERPRISE - Full featured edition of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

loadBalancerCloudRef Optional

Reference to the Load Balancer Cloud. This cloud is used by Edge Gateway’s Load Balancer Virtual Services and Pools.

serviceNetworkDefinition Optional

The network definition in Gateway CIDR format which will be used by Load Balancer service on edge. All the load balancer service engines associated with the Service Engine Group will be attached to this network. The subnet prefix length must be 25. If nothing is set, the default is Default cidr can be configured. This field cannot be updated.

JSON Example

    "enabled": false
Added in 35.0
Parameter To

Update Load Balancer Config
Returned By

Get Load Balancer Config

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