A list of prefixes for routing purposes. Prefix list contains one or more ordered entries which are processed sequentially.


name Required

Name for the prefix list.

prefixes Required

List of network prefixes.

description Optional

Description for this prefix list.

id Optional

The unique id of this prefix list. On updates, the id is required for the list, while for create a new id will be generated. This id is not a VCD URN.

version Optional

This property describes the current version of the entity. To prevent clients from overwriting each other’s changes, update operations must include the version which can be obtained by issuing a GET operation. If the version number on an update call is missing, the operation will be rejected. This is only needed on update calls.

JSON Example

    "name": "string",
    "prefixes": [
Added in 34.0
Property Of

Parameter To

Create Prefix List
Update Prefix List
Returned By

Get Prefix List

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