Represents the Edge Cluster Configuration for a given Edge Gateway.


primaryEdgeCluster Required

This represents the Primary Edge Cluster used for the gateway. For NSX-T Edges, this means the Edge Cluster the Tier 1 SR resides on. The user should specify the ID of the NSX-T edge cluster as the value of primaryEdgeCluster’s backingId. For NSX-V Edges, this means the primary appliance for the gateway.

secondaryEdgeCluster Optional

This represents the Secondary Edge Cluster used for the gateway. It is only applicable for NSX-V Edges when High Availability is enabled. If HA is enabled and no secondary edge cluster is specified, both appliances will be deployed on the primary edge cluster. If there is a specific secondary edge cluster, the standby/secondary appliance will be deployed on the secondary edge cluster. For NSX-T Edges, the value of secondaryEdgeCluster should be set to NULL.

JSON Example

    "primaryEdgeCluster": {}
Added in 34.0
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