A vDC Group holds a list of vDCs that can have a network be stretched across the vDCs.


name Required

The name of this group. The name must be unique.

participatingOrgVdcs Required

The list of organization vDCs that are participating in this group.

orgId Required

The organization that this group belongs to.

description Optional

The description of this group.

localEgress Optional

Determines whether local egress is enabled for a universal router belonging to a universal vDC group. This value is used on create if universalNetworkingEnabled is set to true. This cannot be updated. This value is always false for local vDC groups.

id Optional

The unique ID for the vDC Group (read-only).

networkPoolId Optional

ID of network pool to use if creating a local vDC group router. Must be set if creating a local group. Ignored if creating a universal group.

networkPoolUniversalId Optional

The network provider’s universal id that is backing the universal network pool. This field is read-only and is derived from the list of participating vDCs if a universal vDC group is created. For universal vDC groups, each participating vDC should have a universal network pool that is backed by this same id.

networkProviderType Optional

The values currently supported are NSX_V and NSX_T. Defines the networking provider backing the vDC Group. This is used on create. If not specified, NSX_V value will be used. NSX_V is used for existing vDC Groups and vDC Groups where Cross-VC NSX is used for the underlying technology. NSX_T is used when the networking provider type for the Organization vDCs in the group is NSX-T. NSX_T only supports groups of type LOCAL (single site).

errorMessage Optional

If the group has an error status, a more detailed error message is set here.

dfwEnabled Optional

Whether Distributed Firewall is enabled for this vDC Group. Only applicable for NSX_T vDC Groups.

status Optional

The status that the group can be in.


type Optional

Defines the group as LOCAL or UNIVERSAL. This cannot be changed. Local vDC Groups can have networks stretched across multiple vDCs in a single Cloud Director instance. Local vDC Groups share the same broadcast domain/transport zone and network provider scope. Universal vDC groups can have networks stretched across multiple vDCs in a single or multiple Cloud Director instance(s). Universal vDC groups are backed by a broadcast domain/transport zone that strectches across a single or multiple Cloud Director instance(s). Local vDC groups are supported for both NSX-V and NSX-T Network Provider Types. Universal vDC Groups are supported for only NSX_V Network Provider Type.

Possible values are: LOCALUNIVERSAL

universalNetworkingEnabled Optional

True means that a vDC group router has been created. If set to true for vdc group creation, a universal router will also be created.

JSON Example

    "name": "string",
    "orgId": "string",
    "participatingOrgVdcs": [
            "vdcRef": {}

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