Configuration for the DHCP service that runs for the network. In order to use DHCPv6 in NSX-T, the network must be configured in EDGE mode, the network must be attached to a router, and the router must have a SLAAC profile configured with DHCPv6 mode.


dhcpPools Optional

Range of DHCP IP addresses

enabled Optional

Whether the DHCP service is currently enabled on network.

ipAddress Optional

The IP address of the DHCP service. This is required upon create if using NETWORK mode. This field only applies to networks backed by an NSX-T network provider.

integer as int64
leaseTime Optional

The amount of time in seconds of how long a DHCP IP will be leased out for. The minimum is 60s while the maximum is 4,294,967,295s, which is roughly 49,710 days.

mode Optional

This value describes how the DHCP service is configured for this network. Once a DHCP service has been created, the mode attribute cannot be changed. The mode field will default to ‘EDGE’ if it is not provided. This field only applies to networks backed by an NSX-T network provider.

  • The supported values are EDGE and NETWORK.
  • If EDGE is specified, the DHCP service of the edge is used to obtain DHCP IPs.
  • If NETWORK is specified, a DHCP server is created for use by this network.
In order to use DHCP for IPV6, NETWORK mode must be used. Routed networks which are using NETWORK DHCP services can be disconnected from the edge gateway and still retain their DHCP configuration, however network using EDGE DHCP cannot be disconnected from the gateway until DHCP has been disabled.

JSON Example

    "dhcpPools": [
            "defaultLeaseTime": 0,
            "enabled": false,
            "ipRange": {
                "endAddress": "string",
                "startAddress": "string"
            "maxLeaseTime": 0
    "enabled": false,
    "ipAddress": "string",
    "leaseTime": 0,
    "mode": "string"
Added in 32.0
Parameter To

Update Network DHCP Config
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Get Network DHCP Config

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