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The Pending.Info structure contains the extended information about the update


Required Property Name Type Description
required contents array of StdLocalizableMessage

List of the 1. issues addressed since previous/current version 2. new features/improvements

required description StdLocalizableMessage

Description of the update. The short information what this update is. E.g. “Update2 for vCenter Server Appliance 6.5”

required eulas array of StdLocalizableMessage

List of EULAs. This list has multiple entries and can be dynamic based on what we are actually installing.

required priority CommonInfoPriority

Update priority

required reboot_required boolean

Flag indicating whether reboot is required after update.

required release_date string

Update release date.

required services_will_be_stopped array of UpdateServiceInfo

List of the services that will be stopped and restarted during the update installation.

required severity CommonInfoSeverity

Update severity

required size integer

Download Size of update in Megabytes.

required staged boolean

Is the update staged

required update_type CommonInfoCategory

Update category


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