The Pending.PrecheckResult structure contains estimates of how long it will take install and rollback an update as well as a list of possible warnings and problems with installing the update.


Required Property Name Type Description
required check_time string

Time when this precheck was run

optional estimated_time_to_install integer

Rough estimate of time to install the update (minutes). estimatedTimeToInstall If unset N/A

optional estimated_time_to_rollback integer

Rough estimate of time to rollback the update (minutes). estimatedTimeToRollback If unset N/A

optional issues Notifications

Lists of the issues and warnings issues If unset N/A

required questions array of UpdatePendingQuestion

List of questions that must be answered to install the update.

required reboot_required boolean

Is reboot required to install the update.

JSON Example

    "check_time": "string",
    "questions": [
            "data_item": "string",
            "type": "enum"
    "reboot_required": false

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