The Category.UpdateSpec structure describes the updates to be made to an existing category. Use the Category.update operation to modify a category. When you call the operation, specify the category identifier. You obtain the category identifier when you call the Category.create operation. You can also retrieve an identifier by using the Category.list operation.


array of string
associable_types Optional

Object types to which this category’s tags can be attached. The set of associable types cannot be updated incrementally. For example, if Category.UpdateSpec.associable-types originally contains {A,B,C} and you want to add D, then you need to pass {A,B,C,D} in your update specification. You also cannot remove any item from this set. For example, if you have {A,B,C}, then you cannot remove say {A} from it. Similarly, if you start with an empty set, then that implies that you can tag any object and hence you cannot later pass say {A}, because that would be restricting the type of objects you want to tag. Thus, associable types can only grow and not shrink.

If unset the associable types will not be modified.

cardinality Optional

The associated cardinality (Cardinality) of the category. If unset the cardinality will not be modified.

Possible values are: SINGLEMULTIPLE

description Optional

The description of the category. If unset the description will not be modified.

name Optional

The display name of the category. If unset the name will not be modified.

JSON Example

    "associable_types": [
    "cardinality": "enum",
    "description": "string",
    "name": "string"
Parameter To

Update Category

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