The Subscriptions.CreateSpecNewSubscribedLibrary structure defines the information required to create a new subscribed library.


Required Property Name Type Description
required automatic_sync_enabled boolean

Specifies whether the library should participate in automatic library synchronization.

optional description string

Description of the subscribed library. If unset, the description will be an empty string.

required name string

Name of the subscribed library.

required on_demand boolean

Specifies whether a library item’s content will be synchronized only on demand.

required storage_backings array of LibraryStorageBacking

The list of default storage backings for this library. The list must contain exactly one storage backing. Multiple default storage locations are not currently supported but may become supported in future releases.

JSON Example

    "automatic_sync_enabled": false,
    "name": "string",
    "on_demand": false,
    "storage_backings": [

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