This CompatibilityReport.DeviceHclInfo structure contains fields that describe a PCI device of a given ESXi host and its compatibility information. If there are multiple PCI devices of the same type on the host each one will be listed in separate instance of this class.


compatibility Required

Indicates compatibility status of the PCI device.


device Required

Information about the PCI device.

device_constraints Optional

Lists the constraints the target ESXi release has for this PCI device If unset no constraints are present as PCI device is either not compatible or compatibility information is not found.

notes Optional

Information that needs to be taken into account when considering this device hcl. Only set if there is any information reported.

array of string
supported_releases Optional

Provides information about supported releases for this device. If unset device is compatible with the given target release.

string as uri
vcg_link Optional

Provides link to the VMware Compatibility Guide for further information on the compatibility. If unset there is no VMware Compatibility link available as this is device used by VSAN.

JSON Example

    "compatibility": "enum",
    "device": {
        "class_code": "string",
        "did": "string",
        "driver": {
            "name": "string",
            "version": "string"
        "model_name": "string",
        "pci_address": "string",
        "ssid": "string",
        "sub_class_code": "string",
        "svid": "string",
        "used_by_vsan": false,
        "vendor": "string",
        "vid": "string"

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