The ComplianceValue structure contains fields that describes the drift in an ESXi host configuration from desired value. This structure is used to describe either a change in configuration value(set) or addition of configuration or deletion of a configuration. When used to describe addition or deletion of a configuration, only the path, type and isArray fields are set, and type is always expected to be USER_DATA. When used to describe a set operation, hostValue and desiredValue would only be set if drift is in a property that is of primitive type.


array_value Optional

Describes the drift in a array of primitive type values. This field is unset if is false.

is_array Required

Indicates if the configuration in drift is an array.

path Required

Full path to the configuration at drift within the desired document.

value Optional

Describes the drift in a primitive data type value. This field is unset if is true.

JSON Example

    "is_array": false,
    "path": "string"

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