The ComplianceValue structure contains fields that describes the drift in an ESXi host configuration from desired value. This structure is used to describe either a change in configuration value(set) or addition of configuration or deletion of a configuration. When used to describe addition or deletion of a configuration, only the path, type and isArray fields are set, and type is always expected to be USER_DATA. When used to describe a set operation, hostValue and desiredValue would only be set if drift is in a property that is of primitive type.


array_value Optional

Describes the drift in a array of primitive type values. This field is unset if is false.

is_array Required

Indicates if the configuration in drift is an array.

string as uri
path Required

Full path to the configuration at drift within the desired document.

value Optional

Describes the drift in a primitive data type value. This field is unset if is true.

JSON Example

    "is_array": false,
    "path": "string"

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