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The CheckResult structure contains information to describe HCL compliance result of a cluster on target software specification.


Required Property Name Type Description
required base_image_version string

Target base image version E.g., version = BaseImageSpec->Version BaseImageSpec.version structure

optional commit string

Spec Identifier of the desired configuration on which the HCL scan is performed to generate this result, populated by the HCL validation. unset if validation is performed with no spec When clients pass a value of this structure as a parameter, the field must be an identifier for the resource type: com.vmware.esx.settings.commit. When operations return a value of this structure as a result, the field will be an identifier for the resource type: com.vmware.esx.settings.commit.

required note StdLocalizableMessage

Localizable disclaimer notice to show on the UI detailing the type of checks are done by the HCL Validaiton. Example : HCL Validation is only done on storage and network controllers.

required notifications SettingsNotifications

Notifications returned by the HCL Validation operation.

optional pci_device_compliance ReportsPciDeviceCompliance

Compliance result for the Pci Devices that are present in all hosts of the cluster.

required scan_time string

HCL Validation check time.

required status ReportsComplianceStatus Enum

Overall compliance status of Cluster with respective to all hosts in the cluster.

optional v_san_data_only boolean

HCL Validation Computed only for vSAN Clusters. unset to show vSAN in UI


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