The Effective.EffectivePolicySpec structure contains fields that describe the effective policies to be used when the software and configuration specification documents are applied to ESXi clusters.


Required Property Name Type Description
required disable_dpm boolean

Disable DPM on the cluster.

required disable_hac boolean

Disable HA Admission control on the cluster.

required enable_quick_boot boolean

Enable Quick Boot during remediation in the cluster.

required evacuate_offline_vms boolean

Evacuate powered off/suspended VMs when attempting maintenance mode.

required failure_action SettingsDefaultsClustersPoliciesApplyEffectiveFailureAction

What action is to be taken if entering maintenance mode fails on a given host of the cluster.

required pre_remediation_power_action SettingsDefaultsClustersPoliciesApplyEffectiveEffectivePolicySpecPreRemediationPowerAction Enum

Specifies what should be done to the power state of the VM before entering maintenance mode.

JSON Example

    "disable_dpm": false,
    "disable_hac": false,
    "enable_quick_boot": false,
    "evacuate_offline_vms": false,
    "failure_action": {
        "action": "enum"
    "pre_remediation_power_action": "enum"

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