The EffectiveComponentDetails structure contains information that provide more details about the component from the depot.


Required Property Name Type Description
required display_name string

Display name of the component.

required display_version string

Human readable version of the component.

optional note StdLocalizableMessage

Note assosicated with this component. If unset, note is present for this component.

required overridden_components array of SettingsComponentOverrideInfo

List of other component versions present in base-image, add-ons or solutions that this component is overriding. For example, if a component version-1 was implicitly present in the base-image, but user wants it to be changed to version-2. In that case, EffectiveComponentDetails.source would be USER and there will be one entry in this list indicating base-image component version-1 is being overridden.

required source SettingsComponentSource Enum

Final effective source of the component.

required vendor string

Vendor of the component.

JSON Example

    "display_name": "string",
    "display_version": "string",
    "overridden_components": [
            "display_version": "string",
            "source": "enum",
            "version": "string"
    "source": "enum",
    "vendor": "string"

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