The HardwareModuleFirmwareCompliance structure contains information that describe the compliance of firmware of a particular hardware module (e.g. BIOS, PCI device) on the host with respect to the firmware present in the target Hardware Support Package (HSP) specification.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional current SettingsHardwareModuleFirmwareInfo

Current version of the firmware present on the host hardware module. unset if version of firmware on the hardware module on the host cannot be determined.

optional details SettingsHardwareModuleDetails

Additional details about the hardware module itself unset if no further info was provided by HSM.

required notifications SettingsNotifications

Notifications describing the compliance result.

required status SettingsComplianceStatus Enum

Compliance status of the hardware module’s firmware.

optional target SettingsHardwareModuleFirmwareInfo

Target version of the firmware present in the Hardware Support Package (HSP). unset if component is not present in the software specification.

JSON Example

    "notifications": {},
    "status": "enum"

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