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The Command.OptionInfo structure describes information about a specific input option of a command.


Required Property Name Type Description
required description string

The description of the option to be displayed to the user when they request usage information for a CLI command.

required field_name string

The fully qualified name of the option referred to by the operation element in Command.Info.operation-id.

required generic CommandGenericType Enum

This is used to tell the user whether the option is required or optional, or whether they can specify the option multiple times.

required long_option string

The long option name of the parameter as used by the user.

optional short_option string

The single character value option name. If not present, there’s no single character option for the parameter.

required type string

The type of option. This is used to display information about what kind of data is expected (string, number, boolean, etc.) for the option when they request usage information for a CLI command. For enumerated type this stores the fully qualified enumerated type id.


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