The EnumerationValueInfo structure describes the enumeration value in the enumerated type.


Required Property Name Type Description
required documentation string

English language documentation for an enumeration value. It can contain HTML markup and documentation tags (similar to Javadoc tags). The first statement will be a noun or verb phrase that describes the purpose of the enumeration value.

required metadata map of MetadataMetamodelElementMap

Additional metadata for enumeration value in the enumerated type. The key in the map is the name of the metadata element and the value is the data associated with that metadata element. The MetadataIdentifier contains possible string values for keys in the map.

required value string

Value in the enumerated type. All the characters in the string are capitalized.

JSON Example

    "documentation": "string",
    "metadata": {
        "key": {
            "elements": {
                "key": {
                    "type": "enum"
    "value": "string"

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